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So sad but also horribly angry

When Katrina was only a tropical storm and even when it was a cat 1 hurricane I was amused to have it named after my normal handle. I even sent a message to a friend in Florida as it went over kidding about it but now I'm so sad at all the damage it has done. I have never visited New Orleans but it is the only place that I have always wanted to go and now it is so horribly wounded.

I'm also so angry that we as a country have worked out all kinds of stupid scenarios on how to deal with smallpox and how fast we can get the vaccination out or how to deal with a nuke in a city but now we can't even get water to people who are dying. We are more interested in arresting mothers trying to get food, water and diapers from stores where the stuff will never be salvaged anyway. Someone was ask if people stealing food and water that they needed would be arrest, he said yes they could give their reasons to a judge. My God wouldn't he steal food to feed his family. Has he no heart. I have heard reports that sound as if people who are sent in to stop the "looters" ending up helping them get stuff.

I saw reporters who normally try to be nice to the people they are interviewing getting down right angry over why there was no aid in the areas where they were. How can we not be dropping food in for these people?

Many of these people live hand to mouth anyway they had no resources at the end of the month to just up and leave. Those who live on welfare, SSI, Veterans benefits or SS now have no way to get their checks. How are they going to survive. How are they going to find homes for all of these people, so many who barely made it now have nothing. I guess I should thank God we have big sports centers but instead I'm angry we don't have decent plans for dealing with disasters.

Why, why, why with all we have we can't get some of it to them. This isn't a third world country, this is one of the richest countries in the world and we aren't even helping our own.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have lost so much. I wish I could hug all of them all.

PS Omg I have just heard they closed the Astro dome at 11,000 people and reports say there are over 70,000 or more needing a place.

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