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Christmas is canceled

I'm canceling Christmas this year. Well at least the gifts. I'm finally feed up with almost everyone.

Why you may ask, well it is simple, over the years I have given rides all over the place, paid rent, bought phone cards, picked up girl friends, bought cars, gone out late at night to handle problems, made sure people had computers, paid for hotel rooms, helped with moves, paid for repairs, bought tons of Christmas gifts, had cars towed on my AAA card, and goddess only knows how many other things that I'm not even thinking of at the moment. Yes I did all of this was done without expecting anything but I've now finally realized that I've just ended up a doormat.

What brings this rant on well it is really very simple not one single person had even 5 minutes to call and say Happy Thanksgiving much less anything else. I'm just tired of it and I'm beginning to think that "family" is over rated.

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