Katryna (ladykatryna) wrote,

"Life's a lemon and I want my money back"

Well this all started late Friday night or early Saturday depending on how you look at it. whitelinedancer got up to go to bed and was all out of balance. It worried me a bit but we decided he had just been sitting to long or something and went to bed.

Next morning he still didn't really have his balance but didn't seem to really have any other signs of any problem. At least not that we could spot easily.

He wanted to go to the gym and work it out but I wasn't that comfortable with the idea. I was also starting to thing that the ER might be a better idea. Of course being a male he didn't agree. Finally as a compromise I called the Nurse line at the Harborview Hospital. After looking up his records and asking a lot of questions she felt is was really best if he went up to the ER there. Last thing she said was if it got worse to call 911 to which whitelinedancer replied "We're not calling 911"

Up to the ER we went. He refused to us a wheelchair to get to the ER after we got there, but the triage nurse made him use one after we talked to her.

We were in and he was having a CAT scan within an hour. We had lots of Doctors and Nurses all round.

Turned out he had had another stroke. Many of the signs were very slight which was the reason I couldn't spot them at first.

Now that he is in the hospital I can spot them a lot better. Left side of his face is just a tad saggy if he is just resting, arm just hangs when he forgets it is there. Very odd to see him forget his left arm.

He spent Saturday to Tuesday in the NCU and now he is in Rehab. Should only be a week or two there.

Was a very stressful few days what with worrying about his health, running back and forth to the hospital and how we were going to afford the stay. (no insurance)

Now he is better but I will have to still run back and forth and as to the money Harborview is wonderful about working with how much you can afford and helping out with the rest.

So how is your week :P

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