Katryna (ladykatryna) wrote,

Up date time. whitelinedancer is doing very well. He will be coming home Thursday. He is doing much better and is getting grumpy (good sign with him).

He has been doing well with all the therapy stuff and we have both learned a lot. We have some ideas for helping him to get even better.

Thank the goddess for Harborview they have been wonderful working with us with both the therapy and the finances.

Now the problems I'm having trouble finding a way to get health insurance. After a great deal of searching I have figured out that he has not one but two things that auto disqualify him. The high risk pool is also high priced. Medicare might be an option but you have to wait 2 years for it it kick in and at this point it is only 3 years till he will be eligible for it anyway. Not sure if I can get him qualified for any of the plans that the state helps with because we have assets, not a lot but maybe enough to disqualify him. Well I'll just have to keep trying to figure this out or pray he doesn't end up in the hospital for 3 years.

Final problem will be if they decide that fixing a hole in his heart may help the problems. At which point we are back to the same problems of money but at least this can be done without major surgery but still isn't going to be cheap.

Well the good news is that he is getting better and that is what is really important.

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