Katryna (ladykatryna) wrote,

Follow up on Whitelinedancer

Well Saturday after they got whitelinedancer up they realized there was some damage. It turned out that there was a small left side stroke and because of the problems they were seeing may have been an even smaller right side one. It is felt that rehab will be very good for him so he didn't get to come home because if he left the hospital he couldn't go back. The Doctors and the Rehab people all agree that rehab is important. I have no idea how it will work out for paying but Harborview's mission is to help everyone regardless of if they can pay. As someone once told me Harborview has been in the red so long they wouldn't know what it was to be in the black.

It is believed that the rehab will help to get most everything back. It would also appear that they are working to help some of the other health issues he has. So we just keep the faith it will all work out.

If this country is going to be truly great we really have to catch up with the rest of the civilized world and have health care available to everyone, and I don't mean letting for profit insurance companies rake off the cream. I would much rather trust the government then people who want nothing more then to take the cream off the top as profit.

We also thank all of you who are praying and keeping us in your thoughts and hearts.

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