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Things are coming along

After Lawyers, sales of property, spending of money, rehab, and I've forgot what else, whitelinedancer will be home tomorrow morning. He is doing very well. They have change some of his meds and he has a list of exercises. The only difference seems to be a bit more of a tremor in his right hand. Even this seems to get better if he just relaxes and thinks about it so still has a chance of clearing up more.

It is unbelievable what you have to go through to get medical help in this country if you aren't totally broke and don't have insurance. Trying to get reasonable insurance if you have health problems is impossible. So round and round it goes, but in the end it looks like we will be able to comply with all that they are requiring that is if the stupid letter they were suppose to have sent on Monday with the information on what they need.

I had to find a lawyer fast to take care of some of the stuff. I didn't have time to ask around and who would I have ask? I don't know anyone who has dealt with all of this stuff using a lawyer. So I went looking on the Internet. I found someone who was close and just seem like they might be right. I called and as the receptionist said I sounded really stressed (understatement)but she was wonderful and figured out what I was trying to say and let me know that yes they had a lawyer who handled those kinds of things. So I showed up the next day problem was it wasn't the right day. My appointment was for the next, next day, but they still made time for us and help us take care of everything. I also knew I was in the right place as I walked up to the place. It was in a white house and across the front it said "Lawyers in The White House". I'll try to get a picture the next time we go.

At this point I'm still exhausted but feeling much better about everything. Baring any other problems it looks like everything is working out just fine. The only problem left is that it is a bit worrying that he had a second stroke with the meds he was taking but I'm guessing the meds were what kept it so small so now we just pray that it won't happen again.

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