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He's home

Yesterday whitelinedancer was let out of the hospital and I brought him home. Live is to some degree coming back to normal. Well the new normal. There are still changes that are in process but they all appear to be on track.

The cat is less stressed. Poor thing she really missed whitelinedancer. It didn't help that I was also gone all day every day while he was in the hospital and she is use to us being home more of the time.

I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. I keep wondering how long it will take. Feel like I have been tired forever.

whitelinedancer is still tired, too, but hopefully he will catch everyone up as soon as he is feeling better.

Again thanks for all who kept us in their thoughts and prayers. If you have the time please keep it up, it is a bit scary that he had the second stroke and the finances are still being worked on.

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